Monday, 20 August 2012

Open Heavens Devotional: DANGEROUS DESIRES – Friday, August 17, 2012

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Memorise: And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul. Psalms 106:15
Read: Numbers 11:31-35
Some believers are so much in a hurry that they cannot wait on God for anything. If God expects you to wait, then you have nothing else to do but wait. In fulfilling His promises, God expects you to wait on Him. The Christian race is a marathon where patience is a key component. God rewards the patient. He also rewards the impatient. When you are impatient with God concerning a blessing, by the time He gives you the blessing prematurely, it will either cause you shame for the rest of your life or may even kill you. Psalms 106:15 says God gave the Israelites their request but added leanness to their souls. Why? While in the wilderness, God gave them a mono-food product-manna but they soon got tired of it and began to lust for meat. At some point, in virtually all the families, after complaining so bitterly, they sat by the front door weeping because they did not have meat to eat. In a wilderness situation, you are under trial and therefore you are not the one to dictate what you will go through but God. In Matthew 4:1-11, our Lord Jesus Christ also went through a wilderness situation. In His case, He fasted throughout. But because the Israelite wanted to dictate to God how they should undergo their trial, God gave them flesh. As they put it in their mouths, the Lord sent a plague which destroyed many of them.
Self-will is a destroyer. Many people have severely hurt themselves as a result of their personal desires. If you find it difficult to submit your tastes, desires and habits to God, you will continue to hurt yourself. Some sisters so pressed the Lord for a particular brother as a husband to the point that the same God who had said “No” eventually said “yes”. How such sisters would have rejoiced and bragged about their accomplishment, not knowing that they had just signed up for their own unhappiness. Sometimes when God gives you your heart desires contrary to His will, everything may appear right but your soul will be plagued with leanness. A lean soul is on its way to destruction. The voice of God is cut off from the fellow and he or she will walk about as one who does not know where he or she is going. Check your desires!
Father, every request l make or desire l have, that can bring your judgment upon me, please do not grant such request and take such desires away from my heart.

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