Sunday 2 March 2014



Yesterday’s message was titled IN MEMORIAL . Today’s message is titled THE LIFE-GIVING MEAL as provided by Pastor E. A. Adeboye in Open Heavens Devotional (Adeboye, 2014). In today’s message, we have been asked to memorise John 6:54: "Whoso eateth my flesh, 
and drinketh m blood, 
hath eternal life; and I 
will raise him up at the 
last day.
 Today's reading is from Mark 14:22-24 and the Bible in one year reading for today has been taken from 
Jeremiah 25-26 and 
Psalm 50:16-23

Quoted below is the message for today. God bless you richly for your contribution.

"At the last supper of our Lord Jesus Christ during His first advent, He offered his body to His disciples, and by extension, to us his present day disciples. An invitation to a Holy Communion ‘service is ‘an invitation to come and partake in the life of the Life- Giver. The body of Jesus was broken for us. When we partake in the Lord's Supper, we are eating the body of Jesus which is meat indeed (John 6:48-50). Whoever eats His body has eternal life. The kind of life referred to here is the excellent life. Partaking in the Holy Communion introduces the dimension of excellence into your life. When you eat of the Lord's body, the meal eats up or consumes whatever will harm you in the body. In other words, the life-giving meal has curative and preventive powers. To appreciate the value of the Lord's Supper, let us take a closer look at its significance. The significance of the Lord's Supper resides in its value. The Lord's   Supper marks the end of an era and the beginning of another. The Lord's Supper is designed to give you a new life. The value of a meal is determined by how much you put into it. To give us the Lord's Supper, the Lord had to  pay a great price, shedding His blood on the cross. The Lord cannot pay such a great price only for us to remain  in death. After a great price has been paid for this great meal, we must reap the benefits of life in it to the fullest.

In this season, as we celebrate the demonstration of the greatest love of all through our Lord Jesus Christ, we must appropriate the benefits of the broken body of our Lord. The body of Christ that we partake of during communion T service provides abundant life. This meal positively   affects our spirit, soul and body. When you partake in the life-giving meal as provided for by the broken flesh of Jesus Christ, value is added to your life. That life that seems to be empty becomes full of virtues, values and perfection. When next you partake in the Holy Communion, be full of great expectation that death is no longer your portion. is is because death has been swallowed in victory  the resurrection power of our Lord and Saviour - Jesuls Christ (1 Corinthians 15:54). As we commemorate the Lord's passion, death and resurrection, we must not lose sight of the significance of this great feat accomplished by Jesus Christ our Lord. One way of appreciating this is by accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour and living by the precepts of the One who paid the supreme price. He said if we love Him, we would keep His commandment John 14:15)."

Today's prayer point is, "Father, I lay hold of the benefits paid for by the broken body and the shed   blood of Jesus Christ that are not yet manifest in my life in Jesus' Name."

As we all agree together concerning today's prayer point,  pray that we shall begin to manifest in a new way, the benefits of the broken body and the shed blood of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, amen.


  1. Hallelujah! It took so much to prepare this meal! No wonder it is so wholesome and nourishing! Truly, soup wen e sweet na money kill am!!! This meal was prepared at the high price of the precious blood of Christ!!! What an amazing expenditure undertaken all for me and you!!!

  2. Mofi gbogbo fun Jesu, pata lai kukan. What a great priviledge, thank you Jesus

  3. Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood for me.

  4. The blood of Jesus set us free from sin and sorrow.haleluya

  5. Thank God for the Body and potent Blood of Jesus.

  6. What a great sacrifice! Thank you Lord.

  7. Lord give me grace to do your will to end

  8. He died and took death away from us. The meal is to renew our lives, health and every area of our lives spiritually and physically. God bless u all